Quick start guide

It's easy to build a web page with Treeline. You don't need any technical skills. Just follow the instructions in this guide, and read the instructions you'll see on the screen.

This tutorial takes you through the process of signing into Treeline, building a web page, formatting content, arranging the menu, and publishing your page.

Treeline has lots of functions, but they all work in a very similar way. Once you've mastered creating a page you can try using some other functions. We haven't written a full guide to every function, because it would be very long and repetitive. Just follow the principles of creating a page, and you'll be able to master every part of the CMS.

Make sure you're using a modern browser

Treeline includes some programming which may not work on older browsers. We recommend using Firefox or Chrome to edit your website. But it's perfectly OK to use a modern version of any of the following (by "modern", we mean a version which you've installed during the last 2 years).

Visitors to your website usually won't need to upgrade (although some modern websites are no longer supported by older browsers).

Read about how to log in to your CMS.

About help files

Most of these help files are applicable to every installation. However, not every installation of Treeline is identical, and your website may have some customisations or differences.

If you can't find find a help file for your particular customisation please contact us to ask for individual help. 

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